Women’s Circle of Giving



Women’s Circle of Giving (WCG) promotes the initiatives of St. Teresa’s Academy through financial support. It is committed to building new relationships and encouraging thoughtful, effective philanthropy among a diversified group of women.


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Statement of Purpose

The WCG believes in the positive effects that women’s education has on society and supports St. Teresa’s Academy as it educates young women to serve a world in need. The Women’s Circle of Giving will focus primarily on two initiatives:

  • to assist faculty, staff and student organizations achieve their educational dreams/goals
  • to assist young women in financial need

The WCG will offer financial grants to the STA community for needs that could not be met or pursued within the current operating budget.  While various school-related groups will benefit from WCG, its members will also reap the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of others.


The WCG furthers St. Teresa’s Academy’s commitment to:

  • academic and educational excellence
  • a long-standing tradition of developing strong, capable and confident young women prepared for college life and beyond
  • financial aid for students

Who can join?

Any woman who believes in the power of education. The Women’s Circle of Giving (WCG) is a group of philanthropic women, including alumnae, faculty, staff and friends of STA, who have shared values and enjoy collaborating to advance the mission of St. Teresa’s Academy. Members of the WCG pool their contributions to maximize their philanthropic efforts. Each member of the WCG has an opportunity to be connected to and learn more about STA’s issues and initiatives. Members have an equal voice on how the pooled funds are distributed to the STA community.

How does it work?

Each member commits to a gift of $250 or more per fiscal year or $125 for members 35 years of age or younger. All donations are deposited in a restricted fund. Faculty, staff and student organizations are invited to apply for grants from the WCG.

The full WCG membership votes on distribution of the grant funds. Award recipients receiving academic-related grants are required to make a short presentation at a full membership meeting detailing how the grant money assisted their project. The amount of money available for distribution is dependent on the number of participating members and may vary each year.

Contact Barbara Cusick, director of Parent & Community Outreach, with any questions.