Scholarships are available to incoming freshmen as well as returning and transfer students. Some scholarships are merit-based while others are based on financial need.

Incoming freshmen may qualify for merit-based scholarships. These scholarships are renewable annually in amounts up to $2,500. If students wish to apply for a merit-based scholarship, they will have the option to take a Scholarship Exam.

Merit-based scholarships will be awarded based on the below criteria:

  • Scholarship exam
  • Middle school grades and grade trends
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Principal recommendation
  • Student essay submission

St. Teresa’s Academy awards scholarships to qualifying students.

All returning students are eligible to apply for scholarships. Some scholarships are academic in nature, while others require financial need. If you feel that you are eligible for a financial need scholarship, you must complete the FAIR application by the designated deadline.

Applications are merit-based scholarships are distributed to students by email in February and must be submitted by the designated deadline.

Contact Dr. Liz Baker, Principal for Student Affairs, with any questions regarding the financial aid process or scholarships.

Phone – 816-501-0033