St. Teresa’s Academy educates young women to think critically, encourages them through Catholic values to love the dear neighbor without distinction, and empowers them to change the world.

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Diversity has been a key component of the STA philosophy since our founding in 1866. STA values and embraces a racially, culturally, ethnically, geographically and economically diverse student body and school community.

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STA provides a premier college preparatory education. The all-female student body and college-like campus give young women an environment in which to thrive and succeed, and be prepared to change the world.

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Schedule 3 – All School Mass

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STA Highlights

11:1 student:teacher ratio

80% of faculty have advanced degrees

20-acre campus in South Plaza

Students live in 77 zip codes



Remember what is important to you. #MaximMonday

During this morning’s inservice, members of STA’s faculty and staff dressed up as characters from Stranger Things to go over protocols for the year. Can you guess who is who?