Preparing young women to change the world

As the oldest school in Kansas City, St. Teresa’s Academy has a long history of educating and molding successful women. We take pride in knowing the young women who enter these doors leave as confident, well-educated individuals ready to meet life’s challenges and prepared to change the world. At STA, you’ll find a culture of support, acceptance, and encouragement.

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STA students in the Quad

According to the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS) young women experience numerous benefits from an all-girls’ education.

  1. Greater Cultural Competency
  2. Stronger Community Involvement
  3. Increased Civic & Political Engagement
  4. Fostering Her Voice
  5. Develops Leadership Skills
  6. Builds Self-Confidence
  7. Dedicated to How Girls Learn
  8. Inspirational Environment
  9. Academic Achievement
  10. Fosters Increased Interest & Confidence in STEM
  11. Excellent Mentoring
  12. Free From Stereotypes
  13. Higher Aspirations
  14. Prepares Girls for the Real World

Students immerse themselves in new cultures and broaden their views of the world through mission trips and travel abroad initiatives. Recent international trips included extensive travel in Japan, China, Spain and more. Learn about upcoming educational educational travel opportunities.

Through the use of Windmoor Center’s high-tech classrooms, students have access to distance learning opportunities through state-of-the-art audio and video conferencing equipment. For example, students connect with their STA instructor in China to learn Mandarin. Advanced students also have access to online courses offered through One Schoolhouse and Online School for Girls. This connects students worldwide through relevant and engaging coursework beyond the STA campus.

Every student receives a customized device loaded with the latest software and books. Learn more about this device. A fully wireless campus allows students to conduct research, take online tests, communicate with peers and teachers, and submit assignments from anywhere on or off campus. In some cases, electronic textbooks have replaced conventional textbooks, lightening the weight of student backpacks.