Unique and time-honored

At St. Teresa’s Academy, time-honored traditions that have been passed down through generations of alumnae. From the sisterhood and relationships found only here, to events like the father-daughter dinner and dance and mother-daughter luncheon and fashion show, STA traditions are unbeatable.


At STA, you will discover a sisterhood like no other, friendships that last a lifetime, and relationships that will last well beyond your high school years and into your career.

Once you’re a Star, you will bond with your STA sisters through academics, numerous extracurricular activities that connect you with others who have similar interests, and traditions unique to STA.

In addition to all you’d expect, you’ll find ample opportunity to enjoy time outdoors in the Quad (a great place for gathering between and after classes, and for special events) with your STA sisters. Relax on a hammock, dance to your favorite music, and enjoy the great outdoors in on of the most beautiful spots on campus.


Some of the best memories you’ll have here are those that are unique to STA.

From the Mother-Daughter Luncheon and Fashion Show, to the Father-Daughter Dinner and Dance, to the Junior Ring Ceremony and the Passing of the Legacy Ceremony, you will be part of a legacy that has endured and developed over time.

Join the thousands of other STA alumnae who hold these memories dear.

At STA, groups of 12-15 students from all grade levels form relationships through their advisory. This group of students and your faculty advisor remain consistent throughout your tenure at STA. Each day, students meet in advisories to celebrate birthdays, special occasions and holidays; to pray and listen to school announcements; and to connect on a personal level.

Advisories truly become family.

Each year, the Academy recognizes a senior who exemplifies “the best of the best,” the  finest personal qualities and characteristics of an STA student, including religious and moral character, leadership, loyalty, responsibility and service.

The Academy Woman award has been a tradition for more than 60 years and is announced each April during the Awards Day Ceremony. The first award recipient was Martha Becker Head from the Class of 1949.

Following are students honored with the Academy Woman award since 2000:

2023 – Leah Campo
2022 – Hattie McLane
2021 – Adelle Quick
2020 – Maggie Rowland
2019 – Gabrielle Staker
2018 – Emilie Blanck
2017 – Isabelle Gatapia
2016 – Hallie Ryan
2015 – Caroline Strader
2014 – Katie Hornbeck
2013 – Elaine Schmidt

2012 – Stephanie Hampel
2011 – Catherine Arensberg
2010 – Jordan Miller
2009 – Sherie Wallace
2008 – Claire Hakan-Hickey
2007 – Carolyn Wiedeman
2006 – Amanda Textor
2005 – Ann Stacy
2004 – Brittany Cummings
2003 – Osato Iyamu
2002 – Bridget McLaughlin
2001 – Mary Thayne
2000 – Brengyei Katosang