Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

St. Teresa’s Academy is fully committed to a diverse school community. We believe recognizing each person’s authentic self and the multitude of differences that exist in our society creates a meaningful community built on mutual respect and dignity for all.

  • We approach education from a multicultural perspective, teaching students the value of including diverse voices within our classrooms and community.
  • We cultivate young women to care for the underserved and excluded, to recognize the differences among us, and honor each person’s story so all are included and held dear.


Nicole Smith, MBA
Director of Equity, Outreach & Inclusive Education

At St. Teresa’s Academy, “we are our sisters’ keepers.” Solidarity is one of the Seven Themes of Catholic Social teaching. “We are one human family whatever our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences.”

STA provides students with the opportunity to develop faith, self-awareness and respect for others and their unique characteristics. Students will graduate equipped with the skills to live in and value a diverse global society. STA is committed to cultivating a community where each member will be treated equitably and feel genuinely included.

Involvement in student-led organizations at STA allow students to immerse themselves into the culture of our sisterhood and celebrate the differences among us. They include:

  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance
  • Social Justice Club
  • Stars for Women’s Rights

Joining an affinity group is a perfect way for students to support diverse communities at STA.

  • Asian/Asian American Affinity Group
  • Black Student Coalition
  • Hispanic Affinity Group

STA celebrates the diversity in our student body with cultural celebrations throughout the year.

  • Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month
  • Black History Month
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Native American History Month

Students, faculty, and staff at St. Teresa’s Academy lead and participate in a wide variety of educational events, training, and hands-on experiences to continue to support STA’s mission to “love the dear neighbor without distinction.”

Check back frequently for updates.

While everything that we do is guided by Catholic faith and social teaching, we appreciate and understand everyone practices faith and serves the dear neighbor uniquely. Campus Ministry at STA provides a space for all faith traditions to come together in worship through service learning and service projects, participation in Mass, and so much more. 

Parents of STA students are encouraged to participate in the Star Galaxy Committee. Star Galaxy’s goal is to help bridge the gap in communication between school and home, equip parents to embrace and support the mission of STA, and further promote love for the dear neighbor. Meetings are open to any parent who wishes to learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at STA, and share their own thoughts, experiences and perspectives about how we can all make a difference. Topics covered in recent Star Galaxy Committee conversations include:

  • Implicit Bias Workshop
  • Who Are The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
  • School Updates Regarding Gender Identity
  • A Plaid Table Talk Discussion: Hearing and Learning from People of Color

STA faculty and staff participate in STA’s Ongoing Professional Development Program. Designed to enhance the inclusive environment at STA, this program allows participants to choose from options such as attending Star Galaxy meetings, participating in a year-long book club, or participating in self-paced, certificate-bearing webinars.

STA proudly partners with the following organizations to promote diversity and inclusion.

Sister School Exchange Program
In addition, STA participates in a sister school exchange program, which allows STA students to travel to Le Puy, France, to visit students and families of St. Joseph School, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph (CSJ) in 1850. STA students are paired with a student from St. Joseph and reside with that family during their stay in France. Our primary goal is to build global partnerships with the many CSJ-founded schools around the world.

Students travel to Paris and Lyon while visiting the motherland of the CSJ.  The sister school exchange program with St. Joseph School has been vital in continuing the legacy of the CSJ and keeping their charisms alive.

As part of the program, French students have traveled to Kansas City to live with STA families and attend school for two weeks out of the year. The program continues to offer STA students an opportunity to travel to the land of the Academy’s founders in odd-numbered years.