Love the dear neighbor

As part of STA’s mission to love the dear neighbor without distinction, our community is committed to service work in our community and around the world.

STA has one of the most rigorous service programs in the region, with a host of opportunities designed to expand students’ horizons and develop a deeper appreciation for serving the dear neighbor, just as our founding Sisters of St. Joseph did.

The St. Teresa Academy Service Program is based on the realization that some things have to be experienced to be known. It is one thing to read about battered women or children, homeless individuals, physically or emotionally handicapped people, but quite another to encounter individuals in these situations – to hear their stories, listen to their struggles and concerns, to build relationships with them. Participation in their lives, even for a short while, bridges the gap between book knowledge and experiential knowledge.

The Junior/Senior Service Program is designed to connect students with our larger community and experience the joy of giving. The program is a graduation requirement and includes allotted time during the school year for juniors and seniors to spend with their designated organizations.

Students may substitute a week-long service/mission trip with a school-approved agency during certain phases of her service project. Because STA values service in our local community, only one phase may be replaced with a service-trip.

Learn more about the Junior/Senior Service Program.

STA offers more than 50 clubs and extracurriculars – many rooted in loving the dear neighbor through faith and service.

Students who are accepted for membership in the National Honor Society (NHS) must complete a minimum amount of community activities/service activities annually beyond STA’s requirements. Read more about the NHS at STA, including current officers and members, and selection criteria.