STA alumna named host of NPR’s All Things Considered

June 9, 2022

Today, National Public Radio (NPR) announced Juana Summers (’06) will become the newest host of the organization’s popular news program, All Things Considered, as well as the daily news podcast, Consider This.

In an interview with the Kansas City Star, Summers acknowledged St. Teresa’s Academy’s significant influence on her career and for her love of journalism.

“My freshman year of high school, I took journalism as an elective and then sophomore year, I made it onto the student newspaper,” the Dart, she said. “By then it pretty much clicked for me. … I wanted to be a journalist. I really credit St. Teresa’s and Eric Thomas, the teacher who was running the journalism program at the time, for giving me that opportunity to really hone in on what I wanted too,” she said.

Summers currently is a political correspondent for NPR covering race, justice and politics. She has covered politics since 2010 for a variety of publications including Politico, CNN and The Associated Press. She also previously covered Congress for NPR.

STA alumna Juana Summers