STA president speaks at CSJ Federation Conference

July 18, 2022

Earlier this month, STA President Dr. Siabhan May-Washington served as a panelist at the Sisters of St. Joseph U.S. Federation Conference in St. Louis. The conference theme was, “Radically Transforming Community.”

Below, Dr. May-Washington shares her perspective on how St. Teresa’s Academy, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, is radically transforming our community in a meaningful way by carrying forth the charism of the sisters.

  1. STA transforms our community in many ways, including through our approach to learning, which is not always traditional and sometimes is unorthodox. Much of the learning process takes places outside of the classroom, locally and nationally.
  2. At STA, we are transformational in the ways we empower students, helping them build the confidence to succeed and be bold in nurturing their talents. The learning environment at STA allows for failure — perfection is not the goal as students learn.
  3. STA continuously aligns its work with strategy. The school has an intentional five-year blueprint that allows for flexibility and creativity.
  4. Another way we radically transform our community by valuing diversity and inclusion. The campus community embrace’s each person’s authentic self, acknowledges each individual’s humanity, and promotes love of the dear neighbor without distinction.
  5. The Academy fully embraces challenges with courage and conviction. Our motto, inspired by St. Teresa of Avila, is “With the help of God, we need not fear.” STA encourages conversation about social inequities and faces issues head-on.
  6. STA is radically transforming our community by maximizing and accelerating our research and outreach efforts to other communities and organizations that support our mission. This includes maintaining accreditation through Cognia. It means making the most of our memberships with the National Association of Independent Schools, the National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools, the National Catholic Education Association and the International Coalition of Girls Schools (formerly National Coalition of Girls Schools).
  7. At STA, we proudly own our identity and heritage. We have the conviction to be clear about what our school stands for. The Academy is a Catholic school for young women. It boasts a sisterhood culture where girls learn to use their unique gifts and voices, and grow in self-confidence. It means continuing to move toward profound love of God and neighbor across all campus activities.
  8. We transform our community by striving to recognize the importance of hope, especially for joy and celebration in our troubled world. We encourage opportunities to praise and appreciate our community.
  9. At STA, we collaborate. We harness and share our talents and energies. Everything we do is possible because we pool our efforts, energies and talents.
  10. Last, but certainly not least, we radically transform our community by always knowing that faith is the cornerstone upon which STA was founded. We are guided by loving unity and the charism of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.