Victoria (Torie) Richardson

Class of 2016

Victoria (Torie) Richardson
Torie graduated from STA in 2016. She is a senior industrial engineering honors student at Oklahoma State University.

What is your advice for young women who are interested in a STEAM career?
There may be a lot of obstacles on the path to your dream job, but one obstacle should never be your own fear that you're not enough. Everyone deserves to do what they love. If you’re determined to work hard, you should trust yourself to learn what you need to know. You'll make mistakes along the way. You are young and you owe it to yourself to do what excites you most and helps you to see the brightest future for yourself. 

How did you know you were interested in STEAM?
I knew I wanted a career in engineering after I did well in math and science classes at St. Teresa’s Academy. I found physics particularly interesting. I participated in the eMentoring program my junior year and discovered I wanted to pursue industrial engineering through my eMentor. One piece of advice I have for women in high school is to imagine your dream job and explain what you would be doing to as many people as possible. There are so many jobs out there that a lot of people don't know about. When speaking to my eMentor, I told her I wanted to go into a branch of engineering where, rather than creating things, you improve existing systems. It turns out that's exactly what industrial engineering is, and I never would have known had I not asked. 

How did your time at STA prepare you for college?
STA really challenges you to realize your full academic potential, and that comes in handy in college. I've never been afraid to raise my hand when I have a question because of the confidence STA gave me, and I'm proud to have carried that throughout my academic career. In addition, managing your own time in free periods is the same thing as managing it between classes in a college setting. I'm glad that STA encouraged confidence, independence, and dedication. All of those things helped me excel at my university.