Music at STA

Music at St. Teresa’s Academy is an integral part of student life and school culture. Music students enjoy a wide range of experiences throughout the school year in Concert Choir, STA Chorale, STA Singers, or piano classes.

Music is vital to a rigorous academic environment. Studies show that students who participate in music have higher standardized test scores in math, foreign languages and creative writing. In addition, colleges seek students who exhibit diverse skills and talents. STA choirs have won competitions around the country and consistently receive the highest ratings at state festivals. Most importantly, students enjoy the challenge of performing wonderful music and contributing to the culture and community within STA, learning about the world and themselves in the process. Every student, regardless of experience, is encouraged to develop their skills and form meaningful relationships with their peers in music classes at STA.

Concert Choir is a non-auditioned choir consisting of predominantly freshmen. Students explore a wide variety of genres, languages and musical styles. Instruction focuses on essential skills including vocal tone, range, historical context, musical literacy and expressive skills. Concert Choir participates in school concerts and in festivals.

St. Teresa’s Academy Chorale is an advanced choir for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Many have participated in choir at STA in previous years, although no experience is required. Students perform more advanced choral literature in various styles, languages and genres. Instruction is focused on group cohesion, choral tone, stylistic variety, interpretive skills and music theory. The Chorale performs at school concerts and in festivals.

STA Singers is an auditioned chamber ensemble for sophomore, junior, and senior students who show a desire to be challenged, demonstrate a strong work ethic, display a passion for music, and complete a successful audition. Instruction focuses on stylistic nuance, historical context, poetic interpretation, choral tone, music theory and literacy. Students perform collegiate-level repertoire of various genres, languages and styles. STA Singers perform in and outside of school, compete in competitions and in festivals. Auditions are in the spring semester.

Varsity Singers is a collaborative ensemble with men from Rockhurst High School. Co-directed by the choral directors from STA and Rockhurst High School, this ensemble provides talented students the opportunity to sing SATB choral music. Music is challenging and singers are highly-skilled. Students auditions occur in late spring. Rehearsals are Mondays at 7 p.m. and begin in early September.

AP Theory is a college course designed for students interested in a deep understanding of music and is structured in accordance with the AP College Board guidelines. Students learn about chord structure, music analysis, songwriting, form, historical context and practices, composition, aural skills and sight singing. The class emphasizes written assignments, quizzes, worksheets and homework. Students take the Advanced Placement (AP) Test in Music Theory (additional fee).

Piano is a wonderful way to learn and experience music. Piano class is for students new to the piano or for those who have basic skills and want to enhance them. Instruction includes lessons on music theory, harmony and repertoire. Students must have a piano or keyboard at home to practice.