Surface Pro Tablet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is St. Teresa's providing Surface Pro Tablets to all students?

A: Tablets will open doors to new educational opportunities necessary for success within the global world around us. All students will have access to the latest software, including premium Adobe programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and others. Web access will be available to students from anywhere on campus. Just as importantly, this program is designed to eliminate the weight of textbooks our students carry on their backs.

Q: In what ways will my daughter use her tablet?

A: Tablets will provide students with expanded communication and classroom tools, including enhanced abilities to conduct research, take notes, access Moodle for daily assignments, submit online assignments, take online quizzes and exams with the opportunity for immediate feedback, participate in online study groups, access PowerSchool for updated grades, and more.

Q: How will this program be funded?

A: This program will be supported by the comprehensive/tech fee and from a surplus within the current operating budget.

Q: When will this program take effect?

A: This program was implemented at the start of the 2016-17 school year. As with all new ventures, it will continue to be refined and shaped as the school year progresses.

Q: Will students have access to their tablets over the summer?

A: Students are required to return their tablets at the end of the school year for reconditioning and software upgrades. Tablets will then be reissued to the student at the start of the new school year. Exceptions will be made for students attending summer school.

Q: Will tablets replace all classroom text books?

A: Textbooks will be replaced on an individual basis as new, electronic books become available. Not all of our textbooks are currently available in an electronic format. Several hardbound textbooks will be available for checkout or use in the library.  Workbooks will still be purchased and used where necessary.

Q: Can I purchase a tablet for my daughter in lieu of utilizing this program?

A: No. These tablets will be loaded with STA-specific software. Personal laptops not associated with our one-to-one program will not have access to the STA wireless network.

Q: What happens if my daughter loses/damages her tablet or finds it is not working correctly?

A: Students will be responsible for accidental damage.  Additional tablets, or loaners, will be available for students to use if their tablet is not functioning properly. A student help desk is available for students who have questions or concerns about their tablet. In addition, a technology team consisting of faculty members and two computer specialists (on staff) will be available to assist students when necessary.

Q: Can my daughter load software to her tablet?

A: No. Policies will be in place to prohibit loading additional software to the tablet. Students will be responsible for periodically backing up their personal data (document files) to a cloud based storage location or flash drive before turning in the machine for repair.

Q: Can students recharge their tablets at school?

A: Students will be expected to charge their tablets at home each night, similar to charging their cell phones.

Q: Will students be allowed to print documents from their tablets at school?

A: Yes, students will have access to an assigned printer in a designated location with printing restrictions. We ask that students do not attempt to print an excessive number of pages (e.g. chapters from textbooks). Students will be able to print at home by downloading their home printer driver to the tablet. Directions on how to add a print drvier can be found on Moodle.