Service Program


The St. Teresa Academy Service Program is based on the realization that some things have to be experienced to be known. It is one thing to read about battered women or children, homeless individuals, physically or emotionally handicapped people, but quite another to encounter individuals in these situations – to hear their stories, listen to their struggles and concerns, to build relationships with them. Participation in their lives, even for a short while, bridges the gap between book knowledge and experiential knowledge.

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St. Teresa’s believes it is essential for young women to take personal responsibility for the world around them. Therefore, we encourage and challenge our students to expose themselves to some aspect of the community they would not necessarily ever meet otherwise. We provide them with sufficient time to work with a select group of people in order to better understand. Students begin their service work with the knowledge that projects aren’t about self-gratification, but about helping others. We hope students will get involved in the lives of others and actively work toward the solution of a social problem. Hopefully, this experience will provide students with the opportunity to develop empathy as well as understanding of the multifaceted Kansas City community.

We believe that in the actual building of relationships, students will learn more about themselves and others than we could possibly teach them in the classroom. We hope that through this intense experience our students will recognize, appreciate and respect the gifts and blessings present in their own lives and they will realize the necessity of continuing to reach out and help make this a better, safer and more caring world.

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