Campus Ministry

All Are Welcome

We recognize the diversity of beliefs among us and seek to create a solid community where prayer is respected and encouraged. As a Catholic Christian community the Eucharist, or celebration of Mass, is paramount to our faith. Therefore we ask everyone to maintain a prayerful and respectful attitude during our liturgies. We invite all to enter into full participation in saying the appropriate responses, singing the music, and engaging in personal and communal prayer.  We ask everyone to please refrain from talking or distracting behavior.

The entire community is invited to come forward at the time for Communion.   Those of the Catholic faith proceed to the Eucharistic Minister for Communion.  Those of a different faith background are asked to receive a blessing by crossing their arms over their chest when approaching the Eucharistic Minister.

Through our diversity we have a unique opportunity to know and serve God in ways that embrace and celebrate who we are today, those who were here before us and those who will come after we us.  This is the legacy St. Teresa’s Academy is built upon.

Class Mass

On a rotating cycle, STA provides an opportunity for students to start their Wednesday by celebrating Mass with their grade level. The music, readings and ministry are all planned and executed by students at these Masses. All dates are posted on the all-school calendar. Attendance is required for all students in that grade.

Students attending a Class Mass should arrive at 7:40 a.m. and check in with Chapel Moderators. Mass begins at 7:50 a.m. If students are tardy they must report to M&A office to receive a tardy slip. Tardies and absences are in accordance with the school policy. If it is not a student’s Mass day, she may arrive at 8:20 a.m. for advisory check in.

Students are asked to wear formal uniform on Wednesdays for Mass. No grooming of hair, slouching, sleeping or water bottle use during Mass. Students are to actively participate by singing and responding.

Parent/Daughter Masses

All students and parents are invited to join in celebrating Mass and fellowship at the Parent/Daughter Liturgies! These are held the second Thursday of every month during the school year. Mass begins at 7:10AM and concludes in time for students to get to their classes at the regular time. Bagels and coffee are provided following the Mass. This is a great way to meet other parents and start the day off in prayer. 

All School Liturgies

As a Catholic Christian community, STA celebrates all-school liturgies for Catholic Holy Days of Obligation in accordance with the KC-SJ diocese. We also celebrate prayer services for holidays and days important in STA tradition. All parents are welcome to attend.

Prayer & Open Chapel

Following the teachings of St. Teresa of Avila, we value meditative prayer as an important part of our spiritual and personal growth. The STA community spends a few moments in prayer every day during mid-day announcements. This serves as a reminder in the midst of our busy lives, that God is working in and through us. Students are encouraged to sign up to take a week to lead this prayer time with an advisory or club.

Certain times in the year, the St. Joseph Chapel will be moderated so that students may enter quiet prayer into their daily routines.