Living Faith

Campus Ministry | Service Program | Mission Trips

Another root that runs deep and strong at STA is our student faith community. Mutual respect, integrity, compassion and justice are values reflective of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide the basis for the school community. Belief in these values is expressed through prayer, liturgy and service to others. St. Teresa's Academy continues to invite, encourage and empower young women to "move always towards profound love of God and love of dear neighbor without distinction" 1 in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Service to our community is at the heart of every STA sister. Students attending St. Teresa’s Academy are required to complete a comprehensive service experience prior to  graduation over their junior and seniors years. The service component of an STA education is clearly rooted in the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph to love our neighbor without distinction.

1 (CSJ Consensus Statement)