Cultural Exchange

French Cultural Exchange

From February 12 through March 5, 2016, the STA community welcomed six young women from Lycée St. Louis/St. Clément in Viry-Chatillon, France, into our classrooms, our homes and our lives. Organized through Language and Friendship, Inc., the visit provided opportunities for French and American students to broaden their perspectives on one another's school system and daily life, to polish their language skills, and to foster international friendships and understanding.  Our French visitors wore the plaid proudly, shared their culture through slides and conversations, took part in the Snow Creek Field trip and many other activities. They made countless happy memories with their host families and new friends.

Noémie Donyo - hosted by Jacqulyn Seyferth and family
Marianne Ferré - hosted by Isabella Brown and family
Noémie Gennat - hosted by Allison Nagle and family
Emie Lenfant - hosted by Sarah Cozad and family
Émilie Paraire - hosted by Harper Dziedzic and family
Léa Dias Rodrigues - hosted by Madeleine Adam and family