Health & Wellness

St. Teresa’s Academy Nurse
Angela Sweeny RN, BSN
M&A Building M117

Health and Wellness Mission
The St. Teresa’s Academy school nurse seeks to strengthen the lives of students by identifying and reducing the health barriers to learning, decreasing absenteeism, and promoting student health and safety.

Health and Wellness Goal
The St. Teresa’s Academy school nurse promotes the health and safety of students and faculty by helping them acquire health knowledge and by responding directly to student and faculty health needs.

St. Teresa’s Academy Health Requirements
St. Teresa’s Academy requires each student to submit a health history upon registration, which is updated yearly online in PowerSchool. This is a general health assessment that includes current medications, allergies, disease processes, immunization records and any restrictions or accommodations that may be required.

Immunization Requirements
Missouri law requires that all students entering school must be completely immunized for communicable diseases. For a complete list of requirements, please visit Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and follow Missouri School immunization requirements. 

Immunization records or written validation of medical or religious exemptions are kept in the nursing office and maintained by the school nurse.

Health Care Services
Employees may be trained by certified health care professionals in first aid, CPR, and AED use. In providing first aid, an employee shall be held harmless and immune from liability, if proper procedure is followed. Any qualified employee shall be held harmless and immune from any civil liability for administering medication or medical services in good faith and according to standard medical practices.
(From Missouri State Statutes: Sect. 167.621 and 167.600.1)