Mentee (Student) Application

What is eMentoring?

eMentoring is a program that connects junior students with an adult working professional, often an STA alum, via the Internet in order to provide career advice, support, and guidance.

Why should students participate?

Junior year is when critical decisions are made about college applications, course of studies, and career paths. Students have the opportunity to establish a relationship through online communication with a professional who works in a field of her interest and can offer advice on applications, studies, and careers.

Although eMentoring is optional for each STA Junior, if students are pursuing a STEM/STEAM Certificate at STA, completing the eMentoring program is a requirement.

What will students get in return?

  • The opportunity to explore potential career paths and the skills needed to succeed in a career.
  • The advantage of beginning to make contacts with career professionals that may be helpful with future internships and employment.
  • Answers from women who are former students and working professionals, such as:

“What classes did you take or did you wish you had taken in high school?”
“What extracurricular and volunteer activities will help me?”
“Where did you go to college?”
“How important are internships; can you connect me to an internship?”
“What does a typical work day look like in your job?”

Program Logistics

The student fills out an application. If she is accepted into the eMentoring program, she will meet with the program director for training, which will include program guidelines, expectations, how to make initial contact with the mentor, code of online conduct, and online safety. Once she has completed the training, she will be matched with a mentor. She is expected to make online contact with her mentor a minimum of four times a year.

Program Director: Paula Holmquist:  pholmquist@stteresasacademy.org

Click here for the Student Mentee Application.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please click here for more information.