Cultural Exchange

CSJ Sister School Exchange

From April 22 through May 3, 2018 the STA community welcomed nine young women from our sister school in Le Puy, France.  These young women came into our homes, classrooms, community and our lives.  The visit provided opportunities for the French and American students to broaden their perspectives on one another's school system and daily life, to polish their language skills, and to foster international friendships and understanding.  Our French visitors visited the World War One Liberty Memorial, took part in service with the dear neighbor at Jerusalem Farm as well as experiencing a favorite American pastime of Royals baseball.

Emma Alcouffe -hosted by Mia Grace McManamy and family
Anne-Lise Bouard -hosted by Katie Riffle and family
Klara Grangette -hosted by Ana Ryan and family
Manon Jarque -hosted by Katelyn Moore and family
Clotilde Petit -hosted by Marie Bruck and family
Capucine Reymond -hosted by Julia Kerrigan and Pria Jean-Baptiste and families
Coline Schmitt -hosted by Lulu Fiss and family
Marie Tempere -hosted by Amy Schaffer and family
Celestine Rey -hosted by Denny Pintilie and family