Educational Travel

St. Teresa’s Academy proudly offers a multitude of global travel opportunities to help foster our mission of educating young women to think both critically and compassionately.  Our goal is to encourage students to broaden their perspectives by exploring diverse cultures, communities, and viewpoints with the hope of cultivating both empathy and knowledge to be informed, just, and contributing global citizens.

This year, our catalogue of unique faculty led experiences includes:

School Sponsored Travel

Trips sponsored by St. Teresa's Academy that organize the travel itinerary, insurance, flight and payment to the school for the experience. These trips promote curricular or extracurricular content and align with the school's mission. These trips are sponsored by the Academy and those employed as chaperones.  

R&D: Artistry & History, Paducah, Kentucky: January 2020
Students enrolled in the Research & Design: History & Artistry course are going to the National Quilting Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, for an introductory quilting workshop. Lisa Dibble and Craig Whitney will travel with students to learn more about the quilting process and the Gee’s Bend Quiltmakers. To learn more about these quilts and those who make them, visit this website by clicking here.
Contact: Craig Whitney, Lisa Dibble

March for Life, Washington, D.C.: January 23 - 25, 2020. Cost: $550
We will be traveling to Washington, D.C. to participate in the annual March for Life. This year’s March is on Friday, January 24th. Traveling students will have excused absences from classes on the 23rd and 24th. In addition to the March, we will attend related events and explore a D.C. attraction.
Contact: Andrea Arredondo

Los Angeles Service Trip: March 2020 (Spring Break). Cost: $1,200
On this Los Angeles trip, we will explore our faith through service to our dear neighbor. From the well-known Homeboy Industries to Midnight Mission on Skid Row, we will be learning about social justice in Los Angeles through the lens of unifying love, a charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph. We’ll also see some famed sites of LA: Universal Studios, Olvera Street, and Santa Monica Pier. Number of service hours: 20.
Contact: Andrea Arredondo 

CSJ Sister School Exchange: Le Puy En Velay, France: June 2021. Cost: $3,500
This trip takes us to the community of Le Puy En Velay, France, to visit students and families of St. Joseph School, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1850. St. Teresa’s Academy students will be paired with a student from St. Joseph and reside with that family during their stay in France. Our primary goal is to build global partnerships with the many Sisters of St. Joseph schools around the world. Students will travel to Paris and Lyon while visiting the Motherland of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The cost of this trip is $3,500/student. This fee covers accommodations, flight, health insurance, excursions, and meals. A sister school exchange program with St. Joseph School in Le Puy En Velay, France,  has been vital in continuing the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph and keeping their charisms alive. The congregation was founded in Le Puy in 1650. As part of the program, French students have traveled to Kansas City to live with STA families and attend school for two weeks out of the year. During the summer of 2017, STA students traveled to Le Puy for ten days to learn more about the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The program continues to offer STA students an opportunity to travel to the homeland of the Academy’s founders in odd-numbered years.
Contact: Barbara McCormick

Independently Sponsored Travel

Trips sponsored by a licensed tour company that organizes the travel itinerary, insurance, flight and payment contract for the experience. These travel/trip opportunities have been approved for marketing to STA students. The trip chaperones are agents of the licensed sponsoring tour company and not acting as employees of St. Teresa's Academy.

Michelangelo Study Abroad: Rome, Florence, and Tuscany: March 2020
Through this unique travel program, St. Teresa’s students will experience a college-style seminar class given right in the museums and piazzas of Rome and Florence.  Students will become scholars of Western Civilization’s greatest artist, Michaelangelo, gaining an in-depth knowledge of his personal, political and artistic contributions to religion, art, architecture, and history. During Interim Week 2020, students will read and discuss several works about the life, art, politics, and philosophy of  Michelangelo Buonarroti, taking a deep dive into his motivations, struggles, and spirituality. Equipped with this knowledge, students will travel to Rome, Florence, and Carrara from March 13-20, 2020, to experience, first-hand, the world’s greatest artistic masterpieces, including the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Pieta, the Medici Chapel, and the David. The course culminates in a final project that integrates both the students’ and Michelangelo’s perspectives on science, spirituality, art, and architecture. Open to STA sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
Contact: Kelly Fast

Dickens Study Abroad: June 13-26, 2020. Cost: $5,500
The Dickens Study Abroad course is a quarter credit course lead by Dr. Stephen Himes. Students will spend thirteen days in London and Paris engaging in learning activities at places like the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Library, the Charles Dickens Museum, and Shakespeare's Globe.  Students will learn from these scholars to create primary research, which they will turn into multimedia presentations for course credit. During the afternoons and evening, Dr. Himes will take travelers to his personally selected cultural and entertainment experiences, and teach how to navigate the cities like a student studying abroad! The only requirement is that the student is a current sophomore or junior and has taken Advanced World Literature or is currently enrolled in Honors World Literature.
Contact: Stephen Himes

Handel in London: June, 2020
Study Abroad Course with Dr. Steven Himes and Choral Music Director Steve Perry, MA (and an additional chaperone to be named later) on George Frideric Handel. This concept and structure is the same as the Dickens course: Students will read Handel in London, the recent biography by prominent Handel and Mozart conductor Jane Glover, CBE, along with other materials on music theory and music history. The thesis of Glover's biography is that Handel is Europe's first modern professional musician, who mastered not only composition, but all of the requirements of professional musicianship and music leadership that do not involve the creation of music itself. For nine days in London next summer, we will engage in learning activities at the Handel & Hendrix House (where their composer in residence will help students deconstruct and re-assemble "Messiah," then let them perform it in Handel's composition room), The Foundling Museum (where Handel was a patron and basically invented the concept of using artistic patronage for charitable work, using "Messiah" to raise money for the first Dickensian-era orphanage), and other places. In the afternoon and evenings, the students will see performances at one of London's great classical music venues--including the churches Handel composed for, so the students can understand how a professional musician must compose for specific spaces. We will focus on the smaller, more intimate venues where the students can really see and hear how great musicians perform their craft.
Contact: Stephen Himes

"Paris in Depth," France: June, 2020. Cost: $3,975
Bonjour! The 8-day "Paris in Depth" trip, planned for mid-June 2020, is designed for STA students (including those not taking French) and parents who enjoy exploring art, architecture, culture, literature, and history. Paris will be explored, including its iconic monuments, neighborhoods, and heritage sites, such as the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay. Day trips to Versailles and the Loire Valley (with visits to Chartres Cathedral and the château of Chenonceau) will provide a broader vision of France.
Contact: Alice Amick

Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion National Parks: June 20-26, 2020. Cost: $2,758
This trip isn't just about peering over the edge of the Grand Canyon. During our seven-day adventure, students will hike the narrows in Zion, walk the Navajo Bridge in Bryce Canyon, traverse the Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon, and paddle on Powell Lake in Utah. This is just a sampling of the many exciting activities we will experience on our National Parks trip. All hikes are geared toward students of moderate physical fitness, and each day ends with a good night's sleep in a comfortable hotel. We are using the professional travel company Grand Classroom to plan every aspect of the trip. Visit the school trip webpage at, click “Find My Trip / Register” and search “St Teresa Academy”. For the price of $2758 everything on the trip will be covered – all transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, sightseeing, and evening activities, as well as medical insurance. Price  is based on 20 full-paying travelers. The best way to register is online at Please be sure to attend the parent meeting scheduled for October 14th from 6:00-7:00PM in Windmoor A&D.
Contact: Kelly Finn

Italian Pilgrimage: Rome, Florence, Siena, and Tuscany: June 18-26, 2020
Everyone should go on a pilgrimage.  Be it for adventure or self-reflection, to draw closer to God or to make new friends, to satisfy wondering feet or a wandering mind, but, mostly, because you are a human.  This pilgrimage, led by Kelly Fast, Advanced Placement English Teacher and Experiential Education Coordinator, combines the transformational power of pilgrimage with the skills of narrative writing to guide students through the daunting process of writing a poignant piece of personal narration.  Through guided reflection, sacred destinations, and unparalleled cultural experiences, students will leave this travel experience with a wealth of knowledge and the skills to write about it. The pre-trip portion of the course asks students to contemplate their place in the world by examining the interdisciplinary genre of travel writing, from personal reflection and adventure accounts to cultural awareness and social justice activism. In June, we will guide students on a tailor-made, modern take of a 500-year-old pilgrimage connecting Italy’s most important churches, relics, historical sites, and artistic masterpieces. Each day, students will reflect on and write about their unique experiences in order to ultimately draft a rich narrative of personal transformation. Open to STA sophomores and juniors.
Contact: Kelly Fast, Experiential Education Coordinator

Best of the British Isles- Ireland, Scotland, and England: June 2020. Cost: $4,755
This 15-day adventure will take us to the sites of European power, such as the home of Mary Queen of Scots in Edinburgh Castle, and onto the hills and the Highlands of Scotland, over to the mystical waters where the Loch Ness monster lurks! We will be taking in Scottish culture, wildlife, and lore in Glasgow before taking the ferry over to the Northern Antrim coast of Ireland. We will visit the geological wonder Giant’s Causeway and travel along the coast before heading to the capital city of Dublin to visit the Book of Kells and Trinity College, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and all the rich history of the streets. We will then extend the trip further by following the famous Ring of Kerry, which takes us from Galway along the southern coast of Ireland where we will be visiting the famous Cliffs of Moher,  Blarney Castle and Stone, Kylemore Abbey, and then fly out of Dublin back to the states! If you would like to register for this trip, please visit:
Contact: Alicia Stewart, Casey O'Flaherty

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