Sharita Shelby

Class of 1997

Sharita Shelby
Sharita graduated from STA in 1997. She is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Consultant at the United States Postal Service.

What does it take to make it in your field?
To enter into a career in social science begins with compassion for others, passion for change and commitment to the work. Being a therapist goes beyond the formal educational foundation. It requires a will for change in the world and being willing to stand in the forefront. 

What elements of a St. Teresa’s education prepared you to succeed?
Being in the halls of St. Teresa Academy confirmed that as different as we all were with regard to race, culture and socioeconomic status, we all shared a commonality of feelings and experiences. These feelings and experiences confirmed to me that the need for counseling and support was universal. I wanted to stand at the forefront to help all people work to be their best selves. 

What’s the part of your job you enjoy most?
The best part about my job is seeing others choose to change, and watching the metamorphosis of their life as they begin to use the tools I assist them with. The best part of the social sciences field is it’s for those who refuse to sit on the sidelines in their career, for those who prefer the hands-on experience of changing lives and making our ever-changing world a better place, even when it is not always tolerant of differences.