Swim and Dive Team Informational Meeting 2020-21

St. Teresa’s Swim and Dive Team Informational Meeting

               Coach Albritton, Coach Jelavich, Coach Wilcox, and I are extremely excited for this upcoming season and can’t wait to get started. As it has been the past 2 years, our goal is to build a team with swimmers and divers that are willing and ready to put in the work required to compete at the state level. It is awesome to see the number of girls interested in trying out for the swim and dive team. This is a special team, and we treat it as such. There are many factors that go into determining the number of swimmers and divers a team can hold. The most important factor we considered in that determination was safety. Your safety is our number one concern. As lanes are packed with more and more swimmers, the risk of injury resulting from the crowding increases exponentially. To maintain your safety in the pool, we cannot have more than 8 swimmers in a given lane at a time. Unfortunately, that means, we do not have room in the pool for the number of girls that have shown interest. On top of the safety measures in the water, we have to ensure we can meet the safety measures in place for COVID-19. Therefore, in order to maintain a safe practice environment, by the end of tryouts, 24 swimmers and 8 divers will remain on the 2020-2021 swim and dive team.

               As you are discerning whether you are ready and able to make the commitment required of a member of the swim and dive team, the following points of emphasis may help guide your decision-making process:

1.      You will need to plan for practice times from November 9 through February 17 to include:

A.    Dive: Monday through Friday 5:45 am to 7:00 am at Longview

B.    Swim: Monday through Friday 5:00 am to 6:30 am at Paul Henson YMCA

C.    Swim and Dive: Potentially Monday through Friday 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm at STA fitness center

D.    You will find the tentative practice schedule here: TBD. This is subject to change depending on lane and board availability. However this will give you the best idea of what you should plan for with regards to practices. Dates where you do not see “Off” on them are either meets or we are still determining times. All afternoons that have **3:30-4:15 STA** are potential afternoons that you will be doing weights and conditioning. We will not have everyone there each afternoon. The afternoon weights and conditioning schedule will be assigned after tryouts. 

2.    There will be about 5 dual/multi-team meets during the school week along with about 7 invitationals on Friday and Saturdays.


3.    You need to be committed to your team.

a.    If you make the team, that means someone else did not. With that in mind, your commitment to the team goes beyond your ability to develop your skills. If you are not going to be able to give 110% effort the whole season, it would be best if you step aside. If you make the team and are not putting forth your full effort, you are precluding another girl who is willing to put forth that effort from being part of the team. Don’t disrespect yourself or those girls who would love to be in your place.

b.    If you play a club sport that will interfere with your participation in meets or practices, make sure you are willing to put swimming above that sport during season. Contact Coach Meyer if you have questions about this issue.

c.   You will plan to have morning and afternoon practices. We will be tired, busy, and stressed. Get your sleep in!!

4.      If you miss a practice, you will miss a meet.

a.       If you miss the practice the day before a meet, you will be scratched from the meet and removed from the relays. (This does include being sick)

5.      If you miss a meet, you will be asked to step away from the team if absence is unexcused. *

6.      We expect you to come into season in shape

a.       From a Fall sport

b.      From Fall conditioning

 Tryouts will be held the week of November 9th

1.      We will have a maximum of 24 swimmers at the conclusion of tryouts

2.      We will have a maximum of 8 divers at the conclusion of tryouts

 If we have to cut swimmers:

              The criteria for cuts will be based on a point system. This approach guarantees a completely objective determination of the top 24 swimmers at tryouts. In order to determine the top 24 swimmers, we will run a modified meet in which each swimmer swims each individual event. The top 24 point scorers will make the team. Tryouts will run something like:

              Monday: 200 yard freestyle; 200 yard IM

              Tuesday: 50 yard freestyle; 100 yard butterfly; 100 yard freestyle and so on and so forth until each event has been swam or we only have 24 remaining swimmers.

If we have to cut divers:

              Tryouts will consist of a 6 dive meet. Three dives will be performed Monday and Three performed Tuesday. A reverse must be included in the six dives. There will be three judges there to score the dives according to the MSHSAA dive regulations. The top 8 divers will make the team.

 Points for each event will be awarded as follows:

1st=24,              2nd=23,             3rd=22,               4th=21,              5th=20,              6th=19

7th=18,             8th=17,             9th=16,              10th=15,           11th=14,           12th=13

13th=12,           14th=11,           15th=10,              16th=9,             17th=8,             18th=7

19th=6,             20th=5,             21st=4               22nd=3,             23rd=2,             24th=1

25th and lower = 0 points      Disqualification = 0 points.

If an athlete has a posted a result time in the calendar year and she wishes to use that time instead of a time trial time she may do that.

Example:  Sally Starfish has a posted 100 Free time from the MSHSAA meet of 58.55 from the state meet in February 2018 she may use that time as her time trial time.

Example: Suzy Starfish has a posted 200 IM time from a USA swim meet of 2:35.62 from a meet in September 2018 she may use that time as her time trial time.

All posted times used in lieu of actual time trial times must be provable. In other words, a member of the staff must be able to verify these times from a reliable source.

EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: The “One Trick Starfish.” If a swimmer has a time that qualifies for the MSHSAA State meet in one event, she will make the team.