Students Cut Hair in Support of Women Battling Cancer

On April 19, STA students cut their hair to create wigs for women battling cancer. The student body gathered in the school auditorium to witness 30 students chop off their locks to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Pantene partners with the American Cancer Society® to distribute free real-hair wigs to women in need.

Freshman Georgia Winfield organized the Fighting Cancer Inch by Inch event. Georgia shared, “I went to a similar event at St. Teresa’s four years ago when my own sister was fighting cancer as a freshman. That experience inspired me to introduce the program again.”

To volunteer for the hair donation, students must cut at least eight inches of un-dyed hair. Each student chose her own volunteer to make the final snip. STA Social Studies Teacher Alicia Stewart joined the students by losing her long locks. The privilege of cutting her hair was auctioned off to the highest bidder, with the winning bid donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Students, faculty, and staff who are keeping their hair had the opportunity to give to the cause through purchasing a Fighting Cancer Inch by Inch t-shirt, or by making a financial contribution.

The all-school assembly began with a presentation from Brooke Kuechler Harris, a 1999 graduate of St. Teresa’s Academy. Brooke shared her own story of “…learning to live with stage IV breast cancer.”  Her yearlong, continuous battle with cancer has illustrated the power of community in supporting her. Brooke stated, “From the minute of my diagnosis my family, friends and community (and even strangers) took me under their wing. Phone calls, texts, prayers, cards, flowers, meals, and gifts became daily occurrences. And my St. Teresa’s friends and family were some of the ringleaders to it all. They welcomed me into their homes, they cut their own hair when mine fell out, they shaved my head, they sat with me, they cried with me, they supported me.”