Natalie Rovello Receives Scholastic Art and Writing Award

Congratulations to Natalie Rovello, STA class of 2021, for her Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Natalie won a Gold Medal for poetry in the Missouri region, and a Silver Medal at the National level. Way to go, Natalie! Below is Natalie's award-winning poem.

“Of The Privacy of Night, and Men Like Me”
by Natalie Rovello

I write the tree-body of Walt Whitman.
A plain-spoken stalk of freedom ringing,
Found blissful rooted in Appalachians,
As much angel as a drunk bum singing.
His is of the withered, veteran sap
Blooming in the working boy’s bacchanal,
Drinking the sweet calamus wine on tap,
Unfit to languish in confessionals.
How I wish to be so free and forthright
To unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs!
To walk, like men, through bawdy streets at night
Wearing heart of lion and eyes of lamb.
It’s such a feeling truly feminine
To consider freedom to be a sin.