Mother Evelyn O’Neill Award Recipients Celebrated

The Mother Evelyn O’Neill Awards were presented in a special ceremony held on March 5, 2019. The annual Awards Ceremony recognizes excellence in leadership, community service, or educational reform.

Debby Ballard was recognized for her leadership within the community, as well as her generous philanthropic contributions. As the Director of Sprint Community Affairs and President and Executive Director of the Sprint Foundation, Debby is a catalyst for positive change at both the local and national levels. Her efforts have led to millions of dollars in corporate sponsorship and foundation funding in areas including education, youth development, arts and culture, community/civic infrastructure, and disaster relief.

Claire Wunder, class of 2019, was honored for her constant, loving devotion to daily prayer at St. Teresa’s Academy. Every day, she prepared and shared prayers during announcements for the entire STA community. In addition, Claire volunteered countless hours of her time in service to STA’s campus ministry, where she helped to plan Mass, and sang in Praise Band. Sheffield Place, a shelter for homeless women and children, also benefited from her gracious gifts of time and energy.