Heart Screenings at STA on June 16

St. Teresa’s Academy offers families the chance to make sure their kids are heart safe.

We know you care about your kids…..and so do we. That is why we wanted to make sure you know to take advantage of a heart screening event that will be held at St. Teresa’s Academy on June 16th. We've all heard stories of what an undetected heart condition can do, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

“It is extremely hard to put into words what ATS has done for us. We had what we thought to be our completely healthy kids tested a few years ago. Much to our surprise and shock they found a large hole in Riley’s heart that required surgery to repair. The surgeon told us it was good that the hole was detected because Riley was a walking stroke waiting to happen. We are forever grateful we took advantage of the opportunity and think everyone should do the same because you may never know what is going on inside your child until it’s too late.” - Amy Ebert

There are a limited number of appointments available for kids ages 8 and older so don’t delay. Pre-registration is required.
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