2019 Cross Country State Results

The Stars were ranked 13th out of 16 teams based on season average times going into the race. Their times in Joplin the week pior were insanely fast, with girls averaging new personal records of 61 seconds off their previous best times. When they ran the Joplin course last Friday, those that had GPS watches all measured it just a little bit short of a 5K, with three people measuring it as 3.08 miles when running all the tangents, the way a course is supposed to be measured.

2019 Cross Country State Information

The cross country team raced at the Class 4 Sectional 3 meet in Joplin on Saturday. Eight of our ten runners ran new personal best times and our top four runners were sectional medalists, finishing the 3.1 mile course in 19 minutes. Sydney Swan was our top finisher in 12th place, Maddie Weiford finished in 15th place, Merideth O’Donnell finished in 20th place, Veronica Fast finished in 21st place. Delaney Hupke finished in 33rd place, Sydney Waldron finished in 38th place and Lilly Hupke finished in 52nd place.