Class of 1969 Reaches $50,000 by 50!

During the 2019 Alumnae Reunion Celebration, the St. Teresa's Academy class of 1969 was honored not only for their 50th year since graduation, but also for joining together to bring their endowed scholarship to over $50,000. Through their efforts, this generous class is helping to educate and empower young women by making an education at STA more affordable to their families.

The class of 1969’s endowed scholarship began before their 40th reunion in 2009, and students have benefited through their scholarships since that time. As their 50th reunion approached, their scholarship was valued at over $34,000, and the ambitious class of 1969 Reunion Committee saw an opportunity to rally their classmates to reach $50,000. As the committee wrote, “We are smart, strong, fun, generous women, and I think most of us would like to see more women like us, making the world a better and more interesting place! What better way to do that than pave the way for another young woman to have the same experience we did at St. Teresa's Academy?”

Their fundraising efforts were a tremendous success, increasing their endowed scholarship to over $50,000, which exceeded their goal. To show their appreciation, students lined up across the STA Quad holding letters to spell out the words, “Thank You, Class of 1969, for $50,000 by your 50th!”

When reflecting on her personal support of the scholarship, Connie Connell Fahey wrote, “I have learned much throughout the years, but hold my four years at STA as a stepping stone, which started my journey as a strong and committed woman! Also, most of my dearest friends - my community—are from STA and nothing means more to me than that!”