Kathy (Lisson, '91) Schirger

Community Advocate
Kathy is a passionate and dedicated community leader as demonstrated by her advocacy for numerous causes, especially those benefiting children.

Get to Know Kathy 

What talent would you most like to have?
Public speaking

What living person do you most admire?
Michelle Obama

Favorite fictional character?
Lorelai Gilmore (The Gilmore Girls)

Favorite musical artist?
Beyonce—Run the World (Girls)

What is your most treasured possession?
Family pictures

What is your favorite pastime?
Yoga with my girls

Tell us about your advocacy and volunteer work, and how you came to be involved.
I’ve always loved helping others. For the past six years I’ve been involved with The Children’s Place, an organization that helps children heal from situations involving abuse, neglect or trauma. I served as president of the board, helped manage a capital campaign and created a Teen Advisory Board.

What motivates you to invest your time in these causes?
I want to give to those who are in extremely difficult situations through no fault of their own. I am blessed to have grown up in a happy, healthy family and I want to give back however I can. I also volunteer at my children’s schools, including at St. Teresa’s Academy. Giving back in any capacity helps create a better environment for our children to learn and grow as well-rounded, confident and kind women.

What has been the greatest challenge you've faced in your role?
Finding creative ways to raise money is a challenge, but also very rewarding. I've also found that personal contact and relationships are crucial to helping people understand the impacts their donations can make.

What prepared you for advocacy work?
My parents were always volunteering at church, school and various organizations. Through them, I came to appreciate the good we can do for others. STA also was instrumental by providing opportunities to students so we could see first-hand our impacts on others. This continued into my college experience at Creighton University.

Tell us about your greatest success.
At The Children’s Place, we ran a capital campaign with an $11 million fundraising goal. The Kansas City Chiefs partnered with us to raise initial funds, then we were able to reach into the community to raise the rest. Because of the efforts of many, children in need now have a beautiful new building where they can heal and grow.

What advice do you have for women who want to become more involved in advocacy work?
Jump in. Get involved. Meet people who work in organizations you’re interested in. Join the board and volunteer to help those being served. Raise your hand and take leadership positions!

What quality do you most admire in a woman leader?

What is your leadership style?