Gretchen Collins

Class of 1981

Gretchen Collins, MD
Dr. Collins graduated from STA in 1981. She is Chief Medical Officer at View Point Health, one of the largest behavioral health systems in Georgia. 

What words of inspiration can you share with students?
I have a lot of one liners that inspire, guide and ground me in my professional and personal life that I hope can be useful for students.
Regarding STEAM:

  • Opportunities are endless!!
  • Work hard AND allow yourself grace
  • Aim to be a lifetime learner
  • Find a mentor

Regarding life:

  • Follow your dreams
  • Learn from the past, live in the present and know your future is limitless
  • Know your gifts 
  • Always remember you can learn from anyone…even if it’s learning what not to do

Who or what inspired you the most in your decision to become a physician?
For most of us, our parents are our first teachers and greatest advocates. My parents encouraged my sisters and me to work hard and always strive to reach our goals, especially when we experienced setbacks, which most will experience some time in life. My parents modeled a foundation of continued education, service to others and a strong work ethic. These core values fit perfectly with my lifelong desire to be a physician and are the values that have allowed me to achieve in my chosen career. 

What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my work as a physician and as Chief Medical Officer of one of the largest community behavioral health systems in Georgia is the having the honor and privilege to partner with patients and their families, to be privy to a patient's most private and personal information and to be trusted to help during difficult times and rejoice in times of success and achievement. On the administrative side, it’s been fulfilling to encourage and mentor staff in various areas to achieve their professional goals.