St. Teresa’s Academy’s endowment is comprised of financial asset donations made in the form of cash, investment funds or other property which make up the principal of our Endowment Fund. The principal of our Endowment Fund remains intact for the benefit of St. Teresa’s in perpetuity. A designated portion of the income generated from the principal is awarded to students in the form of scholarships and financial aid while the remaining income is reinvested. A formal investment policy provides guidelines for the governing of the investment activities.   

During the 2019-2020 school year, St. Teresa’s Academy offered scholarships, discounts, and financial aid to 54% of the student body. The Endowment Fund assists the school in meeting these financial needs; remaining costs must be covered by our operating budget. In addition, our endowment also provides relief to families in financial crisis and supports students who utilize our work-study program.

Your support, no matter how large or small, will directly benefit the young women of this Academy by providing a lasting source of financial assistance for current and future students. Please assist us as we continue to recognize academic achievement, encourage diversity, and provide much needed financial assistance to worthy students through the use of STA’s Endowment Fund. Help us to continue to support the bright and hopeful young women of St. Teresa’s Academy who are determined to make a difference in our world and truly become the best individuals they can be.

For questions regarding endowment, please contact Barbara Cusick at bcusick@stteresasacademy.org or 816.501.0031.

Endowed Scholarships

140th Anniversary Scholarship
Academy Woman Scholarship
Richard and Gwen Aylward Scholarship
Joy Locke Bauers Memorial Scholarship
Janet E. Bax & Catherine Bax Richardson Scholarship
Live Like Luke Bresette Scholarship
Barbara Smith Burger Scholarship
Callegari Scholarship - honoring Elizabeth Berg
William E. and Janice Neenan Clarkson Scholarship
Class of 1969 Scholarship
Class of 1976 Scholarship
Class of 1979 Scholarship
Sr. Patricia Clune, Sr. Helen Flemington, & Sr. Rose McLarney Scholarship
Coca-Cola Bottling Company Scholarship
Connor Family Scholarship
Mary Ann Higgins Craven Scholarship
CSJ Scholars Scholarship
William and Dorothy Curry Family Scholarship
Cusack/Bauman Family Scholarship
Sr. Olive Louise Dallavis CSJ Scholarship
Mary Ellen and Roy Daly Scholarship
Kathie and Don Drummond Family Scholarship
Drummond Sisters Scholarship
Lara Phelps Dwyer Scholarship
Terry Egelhoff and Joan Jordan Scholarship
Enright Foundation Scholarship
Joseph and Marjorie Fahey Scholarship
Marjorie Rogers Fahey Scholarship
Fahey Sesquicentential Scholarship
Hannah Rue Farnan Scholarship
Nan Murphy Finucane Scholarship
Patricia M. Fitzgerald Scholarship
Donald Foley Family Scholarship
Forster Powers Charitable Trust Scholarship
Helen Franke-Joslin Scholarship
Anne and Thomas Fritzlen Scholarship
Geisel Family Scholarship
George L. Golder Family Memorial Scholarship
Goppert Foundation Scholarship
Governing Board Scholarship
Dr. Joe Grantham Scholarship
Joseph P. Sr. and Maureen A. Gravino Memorial Scholarship
Alice Daly Grimm Scholarship
Sister Donna Gunn, CSJ & Nancy Kennedy Scholarship
Marion Huber Haake Scholarship
Martha Head Scholarship
Mara Herrington Scholarship
John and Mildred Hocevar Scholarship
Katherine Dierks Hodes Scholarship
Mary Anne Hoecker Scholarship
Hudak, Vines, McCarthy Scholarship
House of Menuha Legacy Scholarship
Mary Therese Ismert Scholarship
Steven Karlin Scholarship
James B. and Patricia Kelly Memorial Scholarship
Kissick Family Scholarship
Virginia Reardon Kopp Scholarship
Sr. Harriet Koutsoumpas Scholarship
Rebecca Marie Lueke Scholarship
Madden Family Scholarship
Ellen Hughes Marx Scholarship
HJ Massman III Scholarship
McDonald Campbell Family Scholarship
McDonnell Family Scholarship
Joan Lodde McGee Scholarship
McMahon Family Scholarship
McMichael Family Scholarship
Rosie and Tim McNamara Family Scholarship
Lawrence and Mary Jane Meyer Scholarship
Pauline and Charles S. Miller Family Scholarship
Miller-Nichols Charitable Trust Scholarship
Sr. Barbara Moore, CSJ Scholarship
Colleen Mulcahy Scholarship
Helen Dierks Neenan Scholarship
Isabelle Neenan Scholarship
Jack and Dorothy Sipp Nestor Scholarship
Sr. Dorothy Eleanor Sipp, CSJ Scholarship
Bob and Eleanor Sipp Wilkes Scholarship
Porto Family Scholarship
Carolyn Miller Powell Scholarship
Shirley A. Renaud Scholarship
Aileen Altman Richmond Scholarship
Mary Catherine Eagan Robertson Scholarship
Searles-Gannon Scholarship
STA Alumnae Scholarship
STA Faculty/Staff/Administration Scholarship
Switzer/Wholey Family Scholarship
Eileen Teahan Scholarship
Rose Sarli Teicher Scholarship
Amy Thompson Scholarship
Byron and Jeanne Collins Thompson Scholarship
Betty Waters Tiehen Scholarship
Tierney Family Scholarship
Sr. Joan Tolle Scholarship
Toplikar Family Scholarship
Sr. Barbara Verheyen, CSJ Scholarship
Carol A. Warren Memorial Scholarship
Wilson-Hvass Scholarship
Wittek Family Scholarship
Victor Zahner Scholarship