Class of 2021

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ELIZABETH, Class of 2021
Elementary/Middle School: Visitation Catholic School
Activities/Interests: STA Theatre

Why did you choose to attend St. Teresa's Academy?
I chose to attend STA because I had an older sister who attended and loved it. She would tell me about all the fun activities she would do and all the memories she would make. I also liked the idea of an all-girl environment because it allows me to have a unique, yet supportive high school experience. These things made me idolize STA throughout my last years in grade school and made my choice for high school extremely easy.

What has been your favorite class at STA?
So far, my favorite class has been Gospels and Christology during my freshman year. This class gave me a whole new perspective on religion, and made me think in a completely different way than I did before. My teacher expanded my mind in topics that intertwined science to religion, and I always left the class completely amazed.

What is your favorite part of the STA community?
My favorite part of the STA community is advisory. I love spending time with my amazing advisor and classmates from different grades. It allows me to have a family-like experience and has created a safe space in the middle of the day to relax and chat with them. 

What has been your most memorable experience at STA?
My most memorable experience at STA was being cast in the Men on Boats play my junior year. I will always hold it close to my heart because I became friends with people from different grades that I never thought I would. And within that community, I've made some of the best high school memories, whether it would be after school rehearsals or late night shenanigans with the cast. The experience went way beyond the stage.

Looking back at your year(s) at STA, what would you tell yourself on the first day of school?
Going on my fourth and final year as an STA student, if I looked back at myself as a freshman, I would tell myself that I did a good job at branching out, meeting new people, and doing activities I never thought I would be doing. I would tell myself not to stress too much about what people think of me, because the girls at STA aren't judgmental and would love me for the person I already am.

What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering STA?
My advice to someone considering STA is to think about what environment you would want to spend the next four years of your life. Because at STA, you are given a safe environment and a place where you can be the best version of yourself without being judged. 

What is the one thing you have learned most about yourself? How has STA helped you discover that?
One thing I learned about myself is that I have the courage to be able to do things I never thought I would. STA helped me discover this by putting teachers in my life to push me out of my comfort zone and experience new things. Thanks to being supported and encouraged, I was able to make some of the best memories in STA’s theatre department, when eighth-grade me would be too scared to try something new.