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Use STA’s RSVP website to reserve seats in the Math Hub, Learning Center, Senior Seating (Gopper, Commons, or Windmoor). (Bookmark this site for easy access).

Use your PowerSchool login to reserve a seat and see/cancel your reservations. At this time, you are not able to cancel a reservation for the current day. To do so, please email the RSVP administrator.

You can reserve a seat in each location once per day. You can reserve seats only for the current week, starting on Sunday. This is to give all students equal opportunity to use these resources.

Your STA education extends beyond the walls of the classroom. Leadership skills, competitiveness, and creativity are often revealed when you are actively engaged in activities you find fun and interesting.

You have the option of choosing between numerous sports programs, clubs, organizations and extracurricular activities. These outlets offer great ways to develop skills and foster lifelong friendships:


A list of STA’s student clubs is below. See a list of sponsors and full descriptions.

Art Club

Book Club

Bug Club

Calligraphy Club

Cinema Club

Cooking Club

Creative Writing Club

Current Events Club

Dance Club

Drama Club

Fashion Club

French Club

Graphic Design Club

Healthy Living Club

Italian Club

Journaling Club

Junior Board Club

Knitting and Crochet Club

Latin Club

Makerspace Mentors


Pickleball Club

Pre-Health Club


Student Community Organization

Self-Care Club

Social Justice Club

Spanish Club

Spirit Club

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Club

Wild Card Club

World Cultures Club

See a list of sponsors and full descriptions.


A list of STA’s student extracurriculars is below. See a list of sponsors and full descriptions.

Affinity Group (Asian)

Affinity Group (Hispanic)

Black Student Coalition

Campus Ministry

Car Care

Chemistry Peer Network Mentor Program



Fine Arts Boosters

French Honor Society

Freshman Retreat Core Team

Future Business Leaders of America

Gateway Reading Program

Gender Sexuality Alliance

Girls Who Code

G.I.V.E. (Get Involved. Value Everyone)

Greek Club

Junior Board

Junior Classical League (Latin)

Math Team

Mock Trial

Model UN (United Nations)

Number One Club



Project Management

Relay for Life


Sources of Strength

Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Hispánica Honorífica)

Spirituality in Literature

Stars for Life

Stars for Literacy

Stars for Women’s Rights

STEM/STEAM Certificate

Full STEAM Ahead

Student Government Association

Tabletop RPG

Teresa Broadcasting Company

Team Up for St. Jude

Windmoor Collective

Windmoor Literary Magazine

Ukulele Club


Yoga & Meditation

See a list of sponsors and full descriptions.

2022-2023 Members

Elizabeth Akers, Gabriella Bailey, Allison Baker, Samantha Balling, Sylvie Boughner, Leah Campo, Riley Carlson, Emery Danker, Lauren Deady, Lena Do, Emily Douglas, Teresa Elfrink, Sophie Emerson, Lucy Fanning, Madeline Fellows, Kyra Fieger, Sofia Fortin, Emily Franklin, Elizabeth Givens, Katherine Heineman, Caroline Hikebein, Emma Hiss, Zoe Hoss, Annamarie Hotze, Stella Hughes, Jacqueline Kallas, Ava Kauten, Christina Kerr, Georgia Kerrigan, Kaylee Lary, Diana Lawhead, Mia Matthews-Beaven, Sloane Mayfield, Brynne McGhie, Kate Miller, Samantha Molle, Kat Monroe, Emma Mullins, Tammy Nguyen, Rose Olson, Kate Ortbals, Evelyn Parker, Juliet Parra, Jillian Poplau, Maggie Reintjes, Grace Robinson, Marykate Roder, Ella Rogers, Lucy Rouchka, Claire Rupp, Lilliana Saxe, Quincy Shank, Autumn Shemitz, Sophia Spence, Caroline Stucky, Georgia Terrill, Clara Truebner, Kate Unger, Regan Wagstaff, Peri Wilson, Greta Zinn

The Spring 2023 Application will be available November 15, 2022. The deadline for submitting applications is December 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Incoming members are notified of selection by early March. Selection into NHS is based on the following criteria and is a holistic review process, with equal weight placed on scholarship, service, leadership and character.

Application Includes:

  • Service to STA
  • Community Service
  • NHS Leadership, Honors, and Activities Resume

Selection Criteria:

  • Current junior or senior.
  • Hold a 93.0 cumulative weighted GPA or higher at the end of the previous academic year.
  • Members must maintain a 93.0 GPA to remain a member.
  • Minimum of 15 hours of service to STA between March 15 of the application year and the application deadline. Eligible hours must be beyond already required STA service hours for an STA scholarship, club or organization.
  • Minimum of 15 hours of service to Kansas City community between March 15 of the application year and the application deadline. Hours must be performed at a not-for-profit agency, organization, church or school. Community hours as part of the 90 graduation requirement may not be used, but additional hours at your agency may be used.
  • Leadership and activities
  • Character (review of SBR history)
  • Essays

Each year the members of the National Honor Society sponsor Culver’s Nights to benefit the STA Student Emergency Fund. Members participate in various service projects throughout the year including STA Back-to-School Night, peer tutoring, and numerous STA and community based events. NHS members are also responsible for the campus wide ink cartridge recycling program.

Check back here for updated information for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Student schedules for the 2022-2023 school year will be accessible on Powerschool in early August.

Seniors, the strength of your curriculum is an important factor in the college admission process and a change in your senior year schedule could impact an admission decision. The Add/Drop process occurs in August so as not jeopardize this process. Any update to a senior schedule will be submitted to all colleges where a student has applied.

There is a $50 fee to request a schedule change. This is billed to your account after changes have been made to your schedule. At the bottom of the form please add any comments necessary in assisting us in filing your requests. Keep in mind some courses require prior authorization from teachers and prerequisites be met.

Please follow the steps below for adding a course and/or dropping a course.

  1. Click here to access the ADD/DROP Courses form
  2. Enter your last and first name
  3. Select the course you wish to DROP
  4. If needed, select a course to ADD
  5. Submit your form
  6. If the registrar is able to make requested schedule changes the $50 fee will be applied to your account.

Schedule changes must be submitted electronically the designated due date and time.

  • FEE: $50 to ADD and/or DROP

Questions? Email the STA registrar.

Statement on uniform attire

(The uniform is stated in the affirmative. Any garment not specifically stated is considered non uniform.)

Students are expected to adhere to uniform policy whether on campus or attending class via hybrid/remote.

Every student must have a formal uniform to be worn the following days and on special occasions TBA.

  • Mondays – freshmen and sophomores
  • Tuesdays – juniors and seniors

Formal uniform attire:

  • Personal face mask (must be appropriate) (COVID-19 pandemic)
    • Plain or print patterns, small lettering that does not distract, cloth mask or medical mask covering the nose and chin-no gaiters
  • Tartan plaid skirt – maximum of 3 inches above the knee bone. Students with shorter skirts will be required to lengthen the skirt or replace it within a designated period of time.
  • White or black monogrammed polo shirt with collar purchased through STAR Shop
  • Solid black or red blazer with the STA emblem purchased through the STAR shop
  • Solid black, solid white, solid grey socks
  • Solid black ankle length tights/leggings
  • Shoes: closed-toed and closed heel shoes

Administration reserves the right to send a student home when in violation of the school uniform policy. The absence will be marked unexcused.

Non-formal uniform attire (in-classroom and hybrid or virtual learning days)

  • Personal facemask (must be appropriate) – when on campus (COVID-19 Pandemic)
  • Plain or print patterns, small lettering that does not distract, cloth mask or medical mask covering the nose and chin-no gaiters
  • Hair dyed must be a natural color
  • Skirt hemlines are to be 3 inches above the knee bone
  • Monogrammed black scarf purchased from STAR Shop
  • Only solid white T-shirts may be worn under monogrammed polo shirts
  • Black uniform dress pants must be purchased from the Star Shop
  • Students may wear an official STA sweatshirt/t-shirt on Fridays
  • Students may purchase and wear a black monogrammed fleece vest from the Star Shop
  • Students may purchase and wear grey, black, or white 3/4 zip STA logo pullover from the STAR Shop
  • Students may purchase and wear the monogrammed three-quarter zip raincoat from the STAR Shop
  • Students may purchase and wear a black monogrammed fleece jacket from STAR Shop
  • Ear piercing jewelry only
  • Students must remove all coats/jackets/sweaters/sweatshirts/scarves that are not defined above upon entering the classroom.
  • Students may not change or destroy the skirt or pants or sweater (i.e., pull threads out, cut, roll up, safety pinned, unzipped, cut sweater to make into a cardigan, etc.) and continue to wear them to school

Unacceptable uniform attire

  • No hats, visors, sunglasses, scarves or distracting accessories are permitted
  • No capri-length pants/tights/leggings
  • No body piercing jewelry such as nose, eyebrow, tongue, lips, etc.
  • No visible tattoos
  • No hoodies
  • Non-STA sweatshirts/collar shirts, etc.
  • No face coverings that are deemed inappropriate
  • Outerwear: (must be removed in classroom)
  • All other coats/jackets or STA Sweatshirts may be worn between classes as needed and in the morning and afternoon advisory but must be removed once seated in the classroom.
  • No non-STA sweatshirts may be worn as coats or jackets
  • No blankets may be worn as coats or jackets

Unacceptable “out of uniform days” attire

  • Extremely short shorts or skirts
  • Bare backs, shoulders and midriffs, low-cut shirts (back and/or front)
  • Clothing that displays alcohol, drugs, tobacco, obscenities, sex
  • Halters, spaghetti straps, tube tops
  • Flip flop shoes, bedroom slippers, beach shoes, crocs, birkenstocks
  • Flexible, form-fitting pants such as yoga pants, leggings or jeans may be worn with an untucked shirt/blouse which reaches a student’s fingertips when arms are rested at the side

Discipline policy for out-of-uniform violations:

A student not in uniform will receive a Category III Student Behavior Report (SBR) and consequences. Repeated uniform violations will result in a Category II SBR and consequences in the Ten Level Program.
Administration reserves the right to send a student home when in violation of the school uniform policy. The absence will be marked unexcused.

All STA students will receive assignments to complete over the summer. Check back soon to see your 2022-2023 summer assignments.

The Modern & Classical Language Department is approved to award the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy to qualified students of French, Latin and Spanish.

Criteria to receive the seal of biliteracy:

A. School criteria for English

  • ACT score of 18 for the  Missouri Seal
  • ACT score of 21 for the Distinguished Seal
  • SAT score of 940 for the Missouri Seal
  • SAT score of 1060 for the Distinguished Seal

B. School criteria for languages other than English

Students need to fulfill one of the following:

  • AP Language and Culture for French and Spanish. 3 or higher ( Missouri Seal) .5 (Distinguished Seal)
  • STAMP4S for French and Spanish. Intermediate  Mid ( Missouri Seal). Advanced Low (Distinguished Seal)
  • ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview For French and Spanish. Intermediate Mid (Missouri  Seal). Advanced Low (Distinguished Seal)
  • ACTFL AAPPL for French and Spanish. Intermediate 3 (1-3) (Missouri Seal). Advanced (A ) ( Distinguished)
  • COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK (Certified by AATSP) for Spanish. B1 (Missouri Seal). B2 (Distinguished Seal)
  • ACTFL (ALIRA; ACTFL Latin interpretative Reading Exam) for Latin, Intermediate Mid.  (Missouri Seal). Advanced Low (Distinguished Seal)

C. Students need to demonstrate sociocultural competence

To demonstrate sociocultural competence, students need to fulfill the following requisites:

  • Belong to the STA  language club or language Honor Society in the year of application for the Seal
  • Attend cultural activities and events at school and in Kansas City
  • Help a language teacher or to tutor a student
  • Take part in community service related to the language

D. Students need to complete four years of the language (at STA and/or RU)

E. Students may apply for the Seal of Biliteracy award by completing this application.

What is eMentoring?

eMentoring is a program that virtually connects junior students with an adult working professional, often an STA alum, to share career advice, support, and guidance.

Why should I participate?

Junior year is when you’re making critical decisions about college applications, course of studies and career paths. You will have the opportunity to establish a relationship through online communication with a professional who works in a field of your interest and can offer advice on applications, studies and careers.

Although eMentoring is optional for most STA juniors, it is required for those pursuing a STEM/STEAM Certificate.

What will I get in return?

You’ll have the opportunity to explore potential career paths and learn about the skills needed to succeed in a career. You’ll also have the advantage of making contacts with career professionals that may be helpful with future internships and employment.

Program Logistics

  1. Complete the application. If accepted into the eMentoring program, you will meet with the program director for training, which will include program guidelines, expectations, how to make initial contact with the mentor, code of online conduct and online safety. Once you’ve completed the training, you will be matched with a mentor. You will be expected to make online contact with your mentor a minimum of four times a year.

Contact Paula Holmquist, STA’s ementoring program director, with any questions.



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