Class of 2022

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BRIANA, Class of 2022
Elementary/Middle School: Notre Dame de Sion Grade School
Activities/Interests: STA Singers, Dance Team, Eucharistic Minister/Campus Ministry, Math Hub Mentor, Sources of Strength Peer Leader, Book Club, Math Team, Hispanic Honors Society

Why did you choose to attend St. Teresa's Academy?
I chose to attend St. Teresa’s Academy because of the great experiences my two older sisters both had. I grew up watching my sisters take part in STA athletics and theatre, while they challenged themselves in their classes. They became leaders and problem solvers, and even bigger role models. I knew I wanted my own STA experience and could not wait for my freshman year!

What has been your favorite class at STA?
My favorite class at STA has to be Dr. Himes’s Honors World Literature class. This class expanded my love of reading and writing and taught me how to analyze text through different lenses, such as gender, religion, and social status. The novels we read throughout the year and the discussions we held expanded my knowledge about the world of literature and opened my eyes to opinions and ways of thinking I had never had the opportunity to experience before. 

What is your favorite part of the STA community?
My favorite part of the STA community would have to be our amazing Math department and Math Hub. Freshman year, I found my place in the Math Hub, spending nearly every free period in the back room, independently working, holding group study sessions preparing for an Advanced Algebra I test, or just asking questions. This great space became a huge part of my freshman experience and is why I am thrilled to be a Math Hub Mentor this year.

What has been your most memorable experience at STA?
My most memorable experience at STA was helping at the Freshman Retreat my sophomore year! This was such a great night for me because I got to meet and work with not only the freshmen, but upperclassmen as well. We were able to share worries and advice with each other and bond through games and activities. Towards the end of the evening, the sophomores and upperclassmen set up an outdoor scavenger hunt that involved the sophomores running around campus to deliver clues. Just as the fun was about to begin, it started to pour. This, however, did not stop us and the sophomores continued to run around campus getting absolutely soaked, but determined to finish out the activity. I vividly remember my best friend and I running from the middle of the Quad down to the St. Teresa's sign and almost wiping out on the slick concrete. I could barely run back up the hill; I was laughing so hard. Finally making our way back to Windmoor, we finished out the night watching Drake and Josh with the freshmen and having a fantastic time.

Looking back at your year(s) at STA, what would you tell yourself on the first day of school?
Looking back through freshman and sophomore years, I would reassure myself on the first day of school to be brave. Being the only student from my grade school to come to STA, I was scared on my first day, but who wasn’t a little nervous! Little did my freshman self know that the girl sitting behind me in Mr. Boland’s period 1 theology class would become my best friend, or that I would make the STA musical my freshman year. High school is all about getting a little outside of your comfort zone, and STA provides the greatest community just for that. The nervousness I felt at the start of freshman year quickly turned into an eagerness to get to walk across the Quad each day, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering STA?
STA has so many amazing opportunities, activities, and classes and is a community of caring students and faculty. I encourage anyone considering coming to STA to check out our campus through virtual tours, social media, and the STA website! With a beautiful open campus, perfect class rigor and sizes, as well as a close community, STA is a school as well as a family.

What is the one thing you have learned most about yourself? How has STA helped you discover that?
Throughout my time at STA, the one thing I have learned most about myself is that I love to get to meet, work with, and develop relationships with the students and faculty. STA has cultivated this love by providing so many opportunities for me to get to know more people in the community, such as through Campus Ministry, the theatre department, STA athletics, clubs, and extracurriculars. Without STA, I would not have grown to be the person I am today.