Virtual Tour and Campus Map

St. Teresa's Academy is located at 5600 Main Street in the Brookside/South Plaza neighborhoods of Kansas City, Missouri. The main entrance to the school is off of 57th Street between Main Street and Wornall Road. If you are attending an athletic event, please park in the student lot and walk to the Goppert Center which houses the gymnasium. The McDonnell Family Sports Complex (track and field) is on the north end of campus (south off of 55th Street).

There are four buildings on campus that surround the school's center quad. Follow the arrows within the virtual tours, beginning in the center quad, to enter and browse through some of our buildings. Be sure to check out the Math Hub and track/field facilities, too.

See map below for building locations and parking information.

Quad, Music & Arts Building, Windmoor Center

Math Hub in Donnelly Hall

McDonnell Family Sports Complex

campus map