Virtual Tour and Campus Map

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St. Teresa’s Academy lays in the heart of the Brookside/South Plaza neighborhoods of Kansas City, Missouri, at 5600 Main Street.

Like on a college campus, students at St. Teresa’s pass between classes through the quad, shaded by trees. The 20-acre Windmoor campus is home to four buildings. The historic Music and Arts Building (M&A) was built in 1909, followed by Donnelly Hall, Goppert Center, and, most recently, the Windmoor Center. Sitting below the quad lays the McDonnell Family Sports Complex, featuring premier space for track & field, softball, soccer, and lacrosse.

The Goppert Center recently completed an $11 million expansion. This investment added over 25,000 square feet to the historic campus. Enhancements include the Fahey Learning Center, a state-of-the-art Makerspace/Engineering Lab, prominent Campus Ministry Department, and workout facilities.

Follow the arrows within the virtual tours, beginning in the quad, to enter and take a look through some of the buildings on campus. Be sure to check out the Math Hub and sports complex, too.

Quad, Music & Arts Building, Windmoor Center

Math Hub in Donnelly Hall

McDonnell Family Sports Complex