STArt Week

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Available to the incoming STA Freshmen -- Class of 2025.
Get a head STArt on learning about all things STA!

During STArt Week, you will:

  • Learn about STA's rich history with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ)
  • Explore various disciplines and skills in Science, English, Math, Art and Technology  
  • Students who attend will also receive their school issued laptop
  • Meet STA faculty and classmates through fun and games
  • Create lasting memories to kick off your high school experience.

Duration: 1 week (4 days, Monday - Thursday), 3 hours per day
Where: STA campus in accordance with our Campus Reopening Plan's Safety guidelines
Capacity: 40 students per week
Cost: $150 per week (full session)

*If the STArt Week fee is a hindrance to your family, please contact Kelly McKee to request a fee waiver: (816) 501-0035 or