Campus Map

St. Teresa’s Academy lays in the heart of the Brookside/South Plaza neighborhoods of Kansas City, Missouri, at 5600 Main Street.

Like on a college campus, students at St. Teresa’s pass between classes through the quad, shaded by trees. The 20-acre Windmoor campus is home to four buildings. The historic Music and Arts Building (M&A) was built in 1909, followed by Donnelly Hall, Goppert Center, and the Windmoor Center. Sitting below the quad lays the McDonnell Family Sports Complex, featuring premier space for track & field, softball, soccer, and lacrosse.

The Goppert Center recently completed an $11 million expansion. This investment added over 25,000 square feet to the historic campus. Enhancements include the Fahey Learning Center, a state-of-the-art Makerspace/Engineering Lab, prominent Campus Ministry Department, and workout facilities.

Follow the arrows below to take an interactive peek into the STA campus. Beginning in the Quad, enter and take a look through some of the buildings on campus. Be sure to check out the Math Hub and sports complex, too.

Quad, Music & Arts Building, Windmoor Center

Math Hub in Donnelly Hall

McDonnell Family Sports Complex