New Courses

STEM Mentoring Course

5620 STEM Mentoring & Service Program

KCPT and Black & Veatch provide engineers in classrooms to connect fifth grade students with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning. Each student enrolled in the program will be paired with a Black & Veatch engineer to visit classrooms in neighboring school districts once a week for six weeks. The six week curriculum focuses on water treatment and renewable energy. Each fifth grade student will perform an energy audit in their home and study the results with their mentors during the program. All students must provide their own transportation. Watch a video of the mentoring program in progress. Here is a link to the KCPT and Black & Veatch STEM Mentoring Program.

Prerequisite: Administration approval; limited enrollment

Grade:  11 and 12

Course length: one semester; available first semester only

Credit: one-forth credit (no grade)

New Courses in 2017

Computer Science:

    AP Computer Programming A

    AP Computer Principles

    Game/App Development (semester electives)

Course Expansions in 2016


     Economics (semester);Statistics (semester)


     AP Environmental Science & AP Chemistry

     Computer Programming I & Computer Programming II ( Dual Credit option)

     Online Personal Finance (for all juniors/seniors) required course for graduation

     2D/3D Spacial Design