New Courses

Engineering Design Process finds home at STA!

At St. Teresa’s we strive to connect our students to creativity, scientific inquiry, and keener insights rather than repetitive fact based learning. Providing active learning opportunities such as project/problem based learning is a powerful classroom process which uses real world problems to motivate students to identify and apply research and scientific concepts, to work collaboratively, and communicate effectively.  Additionally, active learning increases students’ retention and comprehension of the course material.  A student driven, project/problem based learning focus is critical for the development of secondary education. It is a strategy that promotes lifelong habits of learning, curiosity, and reinforces skills our students need now and in the future.

For 2018-2019, STA introduces Research & Design: The Windmill Project, an interdisciplinary course that connects students to the global problem of Sustainability & Renewable Energy. Students will design, prototype, and assess windmills in an effort to replace a precious resource that is often taken for granted. Through the literary work, The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, students will learn of the impact of renewable energy in other parts of the world. The course will be facilitated by professional mentors Dr. Julieta Giraldez and Dr. Melissa Cano from the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado. The course will be kickstarted by a trip to NREL to see current research practices!

We look forward to many more Research & Design courses in our STA future!


  • Internet & Computer Security - semester elective
  • Database Systems - semester elective
  • 3D Game & Virtual Reality Development - semester elective
  • AP Physics 1 - year long science
  • Engineering Design & Development - semester elective
  • Research & Design: The Windmill Project - semester elective
  • Entrepreneurship from the Perspective of Women - semester elective


  • AP Computer Programming A - year long elective
  • AP Computer Principles - year long elective
  • Game & App Development - semester elective
  • AP Statistics - year long math
  • Probability & Statistics - semester math
  • AP Environmental Science - year long science