Faculty Training


Eliminating educational silos has become a recognized and encouraged need in education. In addition to collaboration with other educational institutions, we believe it is critical to connect to the “real world.” In order to provide authentic learning experiences for students, teachers themselves need outside collaboration. Equally important is to create an industrial partnership community aware of current educational practices and recognizing teachers as trained professionals within their fields.

Through continued collaboration, engineers from NREL and scientists from Colorado School of Mines will mentor STA’s Research & Design: The Windmill Project course providing an authentic audience of renewable energy specialists.


Through the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, educators learn to create deeper learning competencies through Project Based Learning. Curriculum is designed to enhance student mastery of core academic content, ability to think critically and solve complex problems, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and develop an academic mindset. Participating educators are encouraged to not duplicate the pedagogical model of High Tech High but to create learning experiences that meet the needs of their students. At STA, we believe in learning as preparation for life and that we are learners throughout our life.

St. Teresa’s Academy has had the pleasure of supporting a KC - cohort of teachers attending High Tech High from not only our institute but the broader community. We are alway looking for new schools to join in the collaboration!


Through the National Art Education Association (NAEA), the 2018 Seattle Conference hosted art educators from across the globe and presented opportunities for professional, artistic and personal development. While the main theme was centered around the artistic behaviors found in a variety of class subjects, workshops and panel discussions highlighted that creative and artistic thinking is the key to many technological advancements we enjoy today.  

Through demonstrations and personal connections made with other educators, teachers develop an art curriculum that provides students with opportunities for finding their authentic voice and cultivating their artistic style, in the hopes they can contribute to the innovative and entrepreneurial culture of the 21st century.  


The annual conference is an international 4 day edtech event that provides an invaluable professional development experience for educators, IT directors and administration.   The ISTE Conference & Expo offers hundreds of learning opportunities to equip educators with the skills and knowledge necessary for digital age learning. Conference attendees gain hands-on learning experience with the latest in education technology solutions from hundreds of organizations. Registration to the ISTE conference includes ISTE membership, which means access to year-round learning, use-it-today resources that have been vetted by fellow educators and virtually endless opportunities to build influence by contributing to the field. Members from the STA faculty and staff have attended annually for the past ten years.

Exeter Math Institute: Building Community Among Math Teachers

Exeter Mathematics Institute (EMI) is an intensive, hands-on professional development program for middle and secondary school mathematics teachers taught by trained faculty from the Philips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. With EMI, teachers are placed in the role of the student as they work collaboratively and creatively to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Participants should come prepared to be challenged and motivated by their peers and to experience the type of learning environment that they hope to provide for their own students. Participants will leave EMI with a unique curriculum of exploratory problems and labs to help enrich and extend existing curricula.

Exeter Math Institute - Kansas City is hosted in partnership with Rockhurst High School. The Institute has served over 200 mathematics teachers from over 90 KC Metro schools in the first three years. Participating teachers represent public, charter, and private schools, as well as post-secondary institutes.

Faculty STEM Workshop at KC EZ (Kansas City Engineering Zone) & the KC STEM ALLIANCE

STA faculty learned more about the  STEM acronym and teacher STEM resources available in KC as well as the FIRST program. Teachers were divided into four groups and rotated through the following breakout sessions: Coding, Measurement & Machining, Purdue Spatial Visualization Test 3D Object Sketching, and FIRST Lego League setup kit building. Laura Bauer and Martha McCabe of the KC STEM Alliance guided St. Teresa’s Academy teachers in exploring hands-on STEM activities. The experience was a great way to expose teachers to all disciplines within STEM.