Accommodations guidelines are for students with diagnosed learning differences. St. Teresa’s Academy is committed to supporting the diverse learning needs of all students. Administration, teachers and academic counselors assess student needs and determine the appropriate support to promote student success. Parents must provide the school with documentation diagnosing the student's learning differences by a licensed or certified evaluator.

Requesting Accommodations at STA:

Enrolled students: Parents must provide the Counseling Department with documentation that supports the student’s need to receive accommodations based on the College Board and ACT criteria.

  • The College Board and ACT will make their own determination as to whether accommodations are offered on national standardized testing.  Receiving accommodations at STA does not automatically mean that a student will be approved to receive accommodations for national standardized testing.
  • The Counseling Department will provide students receiving accommodations with information regarding the process of applying for ACT/SAT accommodations.  This process is a joint effort that is initiated by parents and completed by the Counseling Department.

Necessary documentation should include:

  1. Copies of any psycho-educational evaluations conducted that include a diagnosis, the results of all administered cognitive ability and academic achievement tests, and a recommendation of extended time on tests. Testing should be current (within three years) and should include dates, specific test results and the credentials of the evaluating professional. A doctor’s letter or prescription is not sufficient documentation to receive accommodations at STA.
  2. IEP’s or 504 Educational Plans created at the grade school level. STA does not create or make determinations based on IEP’s or 504 Plans.

The College Board - Documentation Guidelines

ACT - Criteria for Diagnostic Documentation