Summer Enrichment

Summer enrichment programs vary in content, length, deadlines, cost, dates, etc. If there is a particular college of interest to you, check out their website or ask an admissions officer what may be available on campus this summer.

STA Student Testimonials

In the summer of 2018, I participated in a two-week-long introduction to an architecture program called "Experiment in Architecture" at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I had the opportunity to live in the campus dorms, work with other students from around the nation and abroad n the university's studio, as well as go on professional firm tours in the city of Chicago. IIT pushed me outside of my comfort zone but in the best way possible I left Chicago with my own professional architectural plans and models that I used later in my college applications as well as the certainty that this field of study was right for me.      Caroline Willis, Class of 2020, Northeastern University

The University of Melbourne's Young Leader Program was the best experience I have ever taken part in. I met life long friends from all over the world who I talk to every day, even four months later. It changed my outlook on the world and helped me realize that going far away all alone isn't all that bad.     Aspen Cherrito, Class of 2020, University of Greenwich

I really enjoyed participating in the STAR program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institution. My favorite thing about the program was that I had many opportunities to speak with current students. I feel like the best way to learn about a school is to experience it firsthand, which is what I really liked about being on campus. I got to attend a couple of classes, which allowed me to imagine myself in one of those classes for real in the following years. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at RPI, and I believe that if others get the opportunity to do this program, or something similar, they should definitely take advantage of it.       Pria Jean Baptiste, Class of 2018, Emory University - Class of 2022

The Rockhurst Nursing Camp taught me how to work as a team while giving me a taste of what nurses do every day such as injecting shots and preparing IVs. Having nursing students as counselors helped prepare me for what nursing school will be like and if it is right for me. By shadowing a nurse for a day on the Ortho Neuro Trauma Floor, my decision of becoming a nurse was solidified through my experiences that day.     Siobhan Bradley, Class of 2018, Texas Christian University - Class of 2022

The NSLI Youth Scholarship to Study Language Abroad provided an amazing way to expand my understanding of the world through language studies. On my scholarship trip to India, I stayed with a host family, studied Hindi daily and participated in cultural classes like art, music, and dance. This experience changed how I see the rest of the world, how I see myself in relation to the rest of the world, and it sparked an interest in cultural understanding and knowledge, not only of India but of all cultures and different people.   Meredith Raymer, Class of 2016, NYU-Abu Dhabi - Class of 2020

Summer Opportunities 

If you are applying for a summer program and are in need of a transcript, please see College Counseling at least one week prior to any deadlines to fill-out a transcript request form. If a summer program requires a teacher recommendation, see College Counseling for a Teacher Recommendation Request Form. Teachers should be given a three-week notice.

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