• Tuition for the 2021-22 school year is $14,130. 
  • Payment plans are available through Blackbaud Tuition Management (formerly Smart Tuition) at a cost of $45 per family. Tuition can be spread over monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payments.
  • For questions regarding Blackbaud Tuition Management (formerly Smart Tuition), click here.


  • Registration Fee: $350 (non-refundable, due at time of registration)
  • Comprehensive/Tech Fee*: $900
  • Athletics Fee: $325 per student/per sport (if participating)

*The Comprehensive Fee includes the following items and more: Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 Laptop and case, textbooks, software systems for classroom support, computer and network-related hardware, printing and associated equipment/paper, and standardized testing.

Merit-Based Scholarships Available for Incoming Freshmen

Incoming freshmen may qualify for merit-based scholarships.These scholarships are renewable annually in amounts up to $2,500. If students would like to apply for a merit-based scholarship, they will have the option to register to take a Scholarship Exam. 

Merit-based scholarships review will be based on the below criteria: 

  • Scholarship Exam
  • Middle School Grades and Grade Trends 
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Principal Recommendation
  • Student Essay Submission


  • Families with two or more daughters enrolled during the same term receive a 25% tuition reduction for the additional daughters.
  • Grants of $800 are given to families who have a parent working full-time in a Catholic school in Missouri or Kansas. Click here to access the Tuition Grant Form. The form is due to the Business Office by April 29, 2022.