Wellness Initiatives

Education of the whole young woman by today’s standards continues to be an ever-changing, ever-evolving commitment. At St. Teresa’s Academy, the term education means more than just academic readiness; it also involves the essential nurturing of the body, mind, and spirit. 

Below are a few of the initiatives currently underway to support our students’ health and well-being.

Wellness Committee: As a subcommittee of the board of directors, the Wellness Committee works to bring awareness of better physical health to all students through education, counseling, and innovative ways of exercise. One program currently underway involves the school’s P.E. instructor collaborating with student clubs to expose students to dance, yoga, and the martial arts over the students’ lunch hour.

Bistro Fresh: A lunch program offering fresh, locally sourced, and natural foods that are nutritious, seasonal, and great tasting. With greater emphasis on healthy eating and lifestyles, St. Teresa’s hopes to empower students to change the way they think and feel about food. 

Registered Nurse: An RN is available everyday to assist students with health and wellness related needs and issues.

Dish and Dessert: A group of 20 students, along with the school's personal counselor, meet weekly over the lunch hour to discuss relationships, friendships, and the challenges of everyday life (dish) while enjoying dessert, too.

Peer Helpers: Selected student counselors assist students who are having difficulty and would like a listening ear. Students find it easier to talk with other students who share similar emotions and experiences. Peer Helpers are available to talk to during free periods as well as over lunch.

SADD Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions): This club organizes projects to raise awareness and improve knowledge and attitudes about the serious dangers of drunk driving and other destructive decisions. 

Gone Too Soon - Missouri Highway Patrol, Sgt. Collin Stosberg, speaks to the student body regarding distracted driving (texting), speed, and DWI. He also discusses the importance of protecting all occupants by wearing a seat belt. The program specifically targets young drivers. 

Kindness Week: (TBD)

Sophomore Teen Exchange Seminar: This seven-week seminar, sponsored by MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault), was specifically developed for the St. Teresa's Academy sophomore class. The purpose is to lessen the ill effects of sexual assault and abuse through prevention, education, intervention and advocacy.