Diversity Initiatives

Diversity has been a key component of the St. Teresa’s Academy mission and philosophy since our founding in 1866. The STA community values and embraces a racially, culturally, ethnically, geographically and economically diverse student body and school community. Students, faculty and staff with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives enrich and enhance the learning process and help each of us to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are so vital to succeed and live a meaningful life in today's global community.

St. Teresa’s recently underwent a Diversity Needs Assessment with members of our student body, faculty, parents, and alums. Information garnered from this assessment is being used to develop a comprehensive strategic action plan for a new Diversity Initiative. This initiative will not only strengthen and expand our commitment to diversity, but will identify concrete action steps we can take over the next few years to increase and celebrate diversity in our community while nurturing an inclusive, welcoming environment for all. 

In order to drive the initiatives that will be outlined in the new diversity strategic action plan, St. Teresa’s has also established a new standing committee of the Star Parents Association. The Star Galaxy Committee will be chaired by Jason Duckworth (alum parent, Class of 2014). For questions or information, please email stargalaxysta@gmail.com.

Exchange Program
As part of our strategic plans for the Diversity Initiative and to serve the world beyond our local community, St. Teresa’s Academy partners with our sister institution in Japan, Saint Joseph Joshi Gakuen. Through this partnership, St. Teresa’s honors a year-long exchange program for the young woman of SJJG and the opportunity for our own young woman to visit our sister school through St. Teresa’s hosted summer study.

We will continue to explore opportunities to increase cultural diversity on our campus with the acceptance of international exchange students. The intent and purpose of building these relationships and opening our doors to young woman from around the world is to enhance our young women’s global perspective and understanding of the world around them through education and interactive learning.

If you have suggestions or questions about the Diversity Initiative at St. Teresa’s, please contact Liz Baker at lbaker@stteresasacademy.org or 816.501.0033.