Month: April 2023

2023 Awards Ceremony & Academy Woman

The STA campus community gathered on April 27, 2023, to honor student achievements and name this year’s Academy Woman.

STA Students Rally to End Gun Violence

In the wake of rising local and national incidents of gun violence, students at St. Teresa’s Academy arranged an event to rally for change. At students’ request, we are sharing their story with the STA community. 

STA Recognized for Role in Invention Convention

Mary Montag, STA science teacher, accepts award on behalf of STA from the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology for the Academy’s role in the creation of the Kansas City Invention Convention.

STA Alumnae Sponsor Project Pass the Ring

Margaret Huff (’97) and Katie Swetala (’99) were grateful for the experiences at STA and wanted to give back in a unique way – one that would allow them to interact with students and make a direct impact.